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Introducing MoveZ

MoveZ ($MOVEZ) is a powerful new blockchain-based application that is designed to provide a sustainable way to incentivise and reward people for taking control of their health by improving their fitness.
Leveraging a unique combination of lock, burn, and utility functions, and industry-leading fitness tracking and personalisation features, MoveZ is set to usher in a future where more people than ever before are happy, healthy, fit, and motivated.

About MoveZ

As a mobile-first application, MoveZ leverages a variety of technologies to accurately monitor and track exercise activity, providing a full-fledged exercise tracking and management solution. These technologies include GPS tracking for distance measurements, boost zone participation, and personal challenge completion as well as blockchain technology for assigning and distributing rewards efficiently.
By partnering with a range of athletes, sports partners, insurance firms, and health establishments, MoveZ will provide an array of opportunities to users, who will be rewarded for their fitness efforts and triumphs through a fair and sustainable reward system.
Leveraging a variety of burn and lock mechanisms, as well as powerful token utility and a controlled NFT supply, MoveZ will actively balance rewards with user growth, ensuring the incentives remain attractive without leading to excess inflation.
MoveZ hopes to usher in an era where everybody is given the opportunity to get fit and improve their health by better aligning incentives among all participants in the fitness industry.

What problems does MoveZ solve?

Fitness isn’t just a hobby for many people. It’s a way of life. After all, studies have shown that those that keep active typically live happier, longer, and healthier lives.
Since exercise leads to a burst of dopamine and serotonin release in the brain, those that engage in regular physical activity tend to experience improved mood which carriers over into practically all other aspects of life — boosting motivation, focus, alertness and more.
It is a shame then, that a huge number of people worldwide are too sedentary. According to the CDC, about 1 in 4 adults in the US do not get enough exercise, while a recent study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) found that up to 80% of adults in the European Union do not get enough exercise. In total, the WHO estimates that at least 1.4 billion adults worldwide are too inactive — a major contributor to the physical and mental health crises faced in many countries.
MoveZ, a new blockchain-powered move-to-earn ecosystem, will tackle this problem at its core by providing an incentivised fitness tracking solution. With MoveZ, practically anybody will be able to begin earning rewards for completing fitness related challenges, engaging with the partner ecosystem, and participating in unique boost zones and local challenges.
Indeed, according to a recent study by FitRated, a staggering 81% of Americans would be motivated to stay fit if rewarded in cryptocurrencies, while over 60% of people would exercise 5 days a week for a year to earn the equivalent of 1 BTC.
With this view in mind, MoveZ expects to provide a platform for healthy personal growth while increasing social, fitness, and wealth in a single stride.

Unique features

To help distinguish itself from the competition and provide the most functional, sustainable platform for fitness, MoveZ boasts a wide variety of features and attributes — including:
  • Multiple activities: MoveZ’ powerful tracking technology allows a wide variety of different exercises to be tracked accurately. This includes walking, running, swimming, surfing, cross-fit, and more. This ensures anybody can begin earning rewards for their effort irrespective of their chosen activity.
  • Boost zones: MoveZ believes that the future of fitness is social. For this reason, it will host a variety of boost zones — which are localised zones where users can exercise to earn boosted rewards. These will provide endless opportunities for interactions with like-minded people while helping to coordinate local events.
  • Free to start: In order to make getting fit as accessible as possible, MoveZ will feature multiple free-to-start entry paths. This will include a powerful trust-less lending system, which allows NFT holders to lease their NFTs to other users in return for a fraction of the rewards it generates. Moreover, institutions, businesses, groups, gyms, and more will be able to create organisation accounts which can hold multiple NFTs and split access to their earnings potential over a number of sub-accounts — each of which is onboarded on a simplified entry portal with no upfront costs.
  • Local challenges: MoveZ understands the importance of not only staying motivated as well as the benefits of personal milestones and social options. This is why it will feature a variety of both generic and personalised local challenges, helping users gradually progress, earn additional rewards, and engage with the broader MoveZ community.
  • Burn to earn: In a later iteration of the app, MoveZ will introduce burn to earn functionality, which will leverage calorie tracking to increase the range of activities it can offer rewards for while unlocking several new token utilities and features (more on this in a later update).
  • Leaderboards: Humans, are by nature, competitive creatures. With this in mind, MoveZ will feature local and worldwide leaderboards, allowing users to push themselves to their limits and pit themselves against others if they choose. Given the scope and visibility of the MoveZ platform, the leaderboard will also serve as a spotlight for top performers — unlocking a huge amount of exposure and potential sponsorship opportunities.
  • Deflationary tokenomics: In order to balance long term sustainability with fair rewards, MoveZ will make use of a variety of burn and lock mechanisms, as well as gradually expending utility for the MOVEZ (and associated BURNZ) token. This, combined with a controlled NFT supply will ensure that MoveZ remains a rewarding fitness hub that users can come to rely on.
  • Tiny initial mcap: As part of its goal to remain as accessible as possible, MoveZ will launch with an initial market capitalisation of just $55,000. This will give secondary market participants an opportunity to acquire MOVEZ tokens are the lowest possible price before it moves toward its fair valuation.

How does MoveZ fit in the current ecosystem?

In the last year, the BlueZilla ecosystem has expanded dramatically, and its user-base has exploded to reach more than 1 million individuals across the globe. Beyond this, more than 107,000 users have already registered to take part in the whitelist, and there are now more than 100,000 followers on twitter.
With the beta launch coming in Q2 2022, participants in the BlueZilla ecosystem, particularly those that reserved their allocation via the 4 launchpads, will be among the first to experience a truly capable and sustainable move-to-earn ecosystem.


To participate in MOVEZ's move-to-earn ecosystem, users do not need to own NFT assets. Instead, they may either start by being invited by friends, or stake to be in the third tier, which will allow them to begin earning.

Token Utility

The MOVEZ token sits at the core of the MoveZ ecosystem and will be used to unlock access to an array of powerful features. Some of the provisional core utility of the MOVEZ token include;
  • Staking: Early stakers will be first to get access to the MoveZ application
  • Governance: MOVEZ stakers will have their say over how the platform operates, potentially including choosing which regions to select as a boost zone next, define how rewards are distributed, and choose when the next wave of NFTs becomes available.
  • Burn to earn: Users will need to stake MOVEZ to participate in the burn-to-earn mechanic, allowing users to earn rewards based on their calorie output from a range of additional both MOVEZ and partner reward pools.
  • Challenge participation: While some challenges will be open to anybody, others will be gated using MOVEZ tokens. These challenges will see the top participants share a fraction of the total reward pot contributed by challenge entrants.
  • Early access: Prior to the public launch, users will have the opportunity to burn MOVEZ tokens to gain early access to the platform and be among the first to try out its move-to-earn functionality.