MoveZ Introduces Membership Cards

The MoveZ app. has been upgraded to include shiny, brand new membership cards. A different feel for each tier!
MoveZ Membership cards video.

The Membership Cards

These cards summarise the account information such as holder's name, token amount, wallet address, expiration date, and tier.
The system was designed to benefit both, current users as well as incentivises new users to join in on the fun. So how does it all work?
  • User downloads/opens the MoveZ app.
  • 5 days free trial starts. New joiners can activates the app. (on the back-end tokens are pre-approved for free) as a one time requirement and gets to enjoy the app for free for 5 days. For existing users, once signed in they need to click on the card and they too get to experience the upgrade for 5 days for free. No tokens required.
  • Re-activate membership. After the 5 trial days are up, users can re-activate their membership for another 5 days using the $BURNZ accumulated during the trial period.
Please note: there will be enough tokens available to accumulate over the 5 days trial period to enable membership renewal for another 5 days.
After the trial period ends users are provided with two options:
Option 1: select a membership plan anything from 5 days to 90 days. The more days you add the lower the cost and the higher the rewards ratio.
Option 2: upgrade to a tier payable with $BURNZ tokens. A higher tier ensures high rewards can be claimed. To upgrade tier or purchase the first tier, users will be required to top up their account with $MOVEZ tokens. This can can easily be done within the app, with the click of a button. Fiat payment solution will be available in the future. Once users topped up their account with $MOVEZ, they are then able to choose their tier and only able to select that tier if there is enough balance. Otherwise the user will be prompted to top up to secure the tier of preference. Once the tier has beens selected the $MOVEZ tokens will automatically be staked so the user can enjoy access to the app. The staked tokens will be shown on the card as 'locked' tokens.
In the manner above, users are able to upgrade or downgrade their tiers with one-click and all from within the app. Existing users will still be able to benefit from these changes as they will receive automatic 20X-30X booster on their current earnings!
To learn more about how to boost your earning click here: Booster NFT mint guide.