ðŸĨĶMoveZ Nutrition AI

Plan my Meals Feature

MoveZ Nutrition AI is our latest addition to the MoveZ app, designed to help you personalise your meal plans based on your dietary preferences, calorie goals, and specific food exclusions. With the help of advanced AI technology, creating a meal plan tailored to your needs has never been easier!

Section 1: Accessing the "Plan My Meals!" Feature

  • Screenshot 1: Navigate to the "MoveZ Nutrition AI section" and click on the "Plan My Meals!" button.

Section 2: Customizing & Generating your Meal Plan

  • Screenshot 2: Select your daily calorie goal and choose any food exclusions (Peanuts, Milk, Tree nuts, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Soy, Wheat, Gluten, Lactose, or Added sugar) to personalize your meal plan.

  • Screenshot 2: Click on the "Generate Plan" button to create your customized meal plan using AI technology.

The AI will use all this information to create a unique meal plan tailored to you.

Section 3: Exploring Your Meal Plan

  • Screenshot 3: View your meal plan with the day of the week slider, displaying recommended meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Screenshot 4: Click on a specific meal to see a detailed description, including a photo, nutritional information, and preparation instructions.

You can navigate through you meal plan, access detailed information about each meal, and use the day of the week slider to plan your meals for the entire week.

The MoveZ Nutrition AI "Plan My Meals" feature revolutionizes meal planning by offering users a personalized, easy-to-use platform that adapts to their dietary needs and goals. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements to our app, as we continue to shape the future of fitness earning together.

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