MoveZ app release notes

1.1.6 (Public Beta MVP)
  • background change for profile
  • added tiers
  • wipe down to refresh data
  • clear message when stopping activity via 'hold' button
  • offline support for the running session
  • changed message on daily kcal cap reached
  • minor bug fixes on running
  • timer on profile fixed
  • small issue on changing profile
  • long button press to stop a session
  • pause button was changed to stop icon
  • additional improvements when connecting with MetaMask
  • report message changed
  • stability improvements when connecting with MetaMask
  • fixing the reward screen, which sometimes got stuck after completing a session
  • improvements on the results screen
  • added support for existing wallets by entering a seed phrase
  • added support to create a new wallet from the app
  • initial version
  • support for running/walking sessions
  • claim rewards
  • share button